Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
I agree.
JEM Pictures, LLC is the means through which my creative ideas can come alive.
Primarily an actor, now writer, director, and executive producer, I am proud to provide not only myself opportunities to work, but the immensely talented film professionals in Seattle as well.
In addition, I am passionate about creating a safe and supportive work environment for every artist involved in a JEM production.
Led by creativity, courage, and ruthless compassion, JEM Pictures is investing in the beauty of cinematic dreams.
-Jessica Martin
Jessica Martin has appeared on television on NBC’s Grimm, TNT’s The Last Ship, and won an Indie Series Award for her performance in the web series, Wrecked. She has appeared on stage in theaters across the country, in addition to appearing in local and national commercials, and numerous indie films. Jessica is best known for providing the first speaking voice for Nintendo’s famous character, Samus Aran, in Metroid: Other M.
She has also worked almost a decade in corporate environments doing administrative, accounting, and client relations work, as well as coaching for presentations and interviews. Jessica is a founding member of the Shunpike sponsored program, Seattle Actors Workshop, providing educational and mentorship opportunities for professional stage actors in Seattle.
Her critically acclaimed first film, For Patrick, can be viewed online here.
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